Studio Sessions at WHUS are BACK for the Fall, with both old and new faces coming right into our station to perform right in front of our eyes. This year, sessions will be held once a week, every Friday at 3pm, completely raw, completely live, completely new from your speakers from our new music show New Spins. We hope you’ll tune in!

9/16/2016 Where’s Walden? Alternative
9/23/2016 Katie Perkins Country
9/30/2016 The Alternates Duo Garage Rock
10/14/2016 Tony Memmel Singer/Songwriter
10/21/2016 Kingsley Flood Folk Punk
10/28/2016 Righteous Continental Blues Rock
11/4/2016 Spirit Ghost Alternative
CANCELLED Strawberry Cheesesteak Funk Rock

And after Thanksgiving break…

11/18/2016 Dr. Martino (airing at 5pm) Surf Rock
12/1/2016 Mo Lowda & the Humble Rock
12/2/2016 Carinae Alternative

With many more to be announced as the year goes on!