On Friday, February 6th, UConn’s Student Union Board of Governors (known as SUBOG to most) kicked off the semester strong with their second of three large concerts for this academic year. GrooveBoston‘s Ethos Tour marked the crew’s return to Storrs, after their Vitality Tour stop back in 2014.


A view from the crowd, with the evening at its prime.

GrooveBoston’s mission is simple, ¬†bringing an accessible, exciting, and meticulously produced dance party to college campuses across the nation is what they’re all about. To them, having the biggest headlining DJ is the least of their worries (in fact, they purposely rotate their roster to keep things fresh), but the idea revolves more around creating a certain vibe in the crowd based quite literally on what attendees want to hear. DJs are reactive in their song selection, ensuring that all bases are covered to create the perfect medley of genres and tempos for each and every production.


GrooveBoston DJs Max Baun & Jay NightRide showing off the GrooveBoston ‘Battle Station’.

One of the more unique characteristics about GrooveBoston was the transparency of their operations. Whether it’s in regards to their message, the music that they play, or the equipment that they bring along to the shows, each experience is catered specifically to request – and no question or curiosity is left unanswered. SUBOG’s Concert Committee enjoyed a VIP experience, netting behind-the-scenes opportunities to play around with GrooveBoston’s custom-designed ‘Battle Station’ CDJ set-up and were offered extensive insights on the ins and outs of the special effects and spectacles behind the evening.


SUBOG’s behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of GrooveBoston’s equipment.

Engagement & Experience Manager Adam Dube and Director Bobby Dutton showcased their logistical preparations to SUBOG’s Concert Committee a few days prior to the show, a welcomed and refreshing change to the usual interactions that students face with larger-scale acts. The crew had every detail covered and it was clear that the students and event organizers were meant to be involved at every step, from inception to the very end. Their efforts throughout the event as well as leading up to it reflected the GrooveBoston mantra clearly, they’re all about making people happy.


Opening act Dj JD (a resident at popular CT nightclub Shrine) eased students into the venue with a mixture of hip-hop and electronic music.


The main attraction – lasers, LED screens, and more – was hidden from sight until around 10pm.

After headlining DJs Max Baun & Jay NightRide took the stage, the Jorgensen Theater for the Performing Arts was lit up with a rainbow of colors for the remainder of the evening. Lasers, LED screens, strobe lights, and CO2 cannons accented the pulsating bass being sent out from GrooveBoston’s DJs as they seamlessly blended hip-hop and pop tracks over heavy electronic backbeats. The night wouldn’t have been complete without some of GrooveBoston’s signature bells and whistles, this time they brought along a massive mirror ball, a balloon drop, and two acrobats from the Boston Circus Guild.


Acrobats from the Boston Circus Guild joined the show for a mid-party routine.

With another successful winter concert in the books, SUBOG and the UConn community have something fresh to look forward to, the organization announced Fetty Wap as their Spring Concert pick just as the clock struck midnight on Sunday. Keep an eye on SUBOG’s Facebook page for more information, and check out some more photos from the show below.


Strobes flashed as the performers kept the energy up all night long.


Throwbacks kept everyone on their feet, such as DJ Khaled’s ‘All I Do Is Win‘.


DJs Max Baun & Jay NightRide pumping up the crowd alongside a laser light show.


From start to finish, UConn students and their friends enjoyed a unique concert experience.


Photos and words by Scott Hoffmann

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