Photos and recap by: Stephen Bogdan

This past Wednesday, January 6th, a line of people wrapped around three corners of Broadway leading up to the Palisades venue in Brooklyn, NY. The line of people held fans of Hinds, (formerly known as Deer) a four-girl indie band from Madrid, Spain celebrating the release of their latest record, Leave Me Alone. With over 2000 RSVP’s and the promise of special guests and surprises coming throughout the night, Hinds surely did not disappoint. Palisades, being a very small and intimate space, was perfect for an interactive performance and session of karaoke which included members of the audience.2nmLeKATZ1bOECMEY8nG2CfITGULOY5N1P9278wKPz4

What a wild and pumped night that reflected vibes from the early 2000’s punk grrrl scene which soon transcended into present day once the band started singing, “You used to call me on my cellphone..” Yes, a cover of rapper Drake’s “Hotline Bling” was occurring. Remember I mentioned special guests? Artists like Shamir, Neon Indian, and Public Access TV came to celebrate the occasion as a back and forth between the band and the crowd instigated each other to be louder and crazier creating a sweat-driven endorphin pumped party.





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