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President Bill Clinton and the international human rights education organization Tostan will be awarded the seventh biennial Thomas J. Dodd Prize in International Justice and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut on October 15.

The Prize is awarded to an individual or an organization that has “made a substantial and significant contribution to the protection, promotion, or realization of human rights somewhere in the world,” said Dr. Glenn Mitoma, Director of the Thomas J. Dodd Center.

While the recipient is usually determined by nominations, President Clinton was chosen for his history at UConn. He attended the dedication of the Dodd Center in 1995, and the committee felt that his record over the past 20 years made him a deserving candidate.

The organization recipient, Tostan, works with The Clinton Foundation’s Global Initiative. Tostan’s approach, called the Community Empowerment Program, utilizes non-formal education sessions and interconnected groups and social networks to have a positive impact in the areas of health, education, governance and economic growth in francophone West Africa.

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