Hey all,

Hope July has been going swell for all of you. We’ve finally hit some nice weather, albeit not today by any means, but eh what can you do? I’ve been exploring the parks, forests, beautiful places and spaces around UConn in between the madness of summer, and I highly reccommend checking the area out if you ever get a chance. It’s an ideal way to spend a day.
It has been a slow month for music so far, at least at the station, but as always, we’ve got some hot CDs fresh off the presses. The new Westkust CD is and and rolling. The band is mostly comprised of members of another band, Makthaverskan, and it’s full of great, feel-good power pop jams. It’s definitely worth a listen if any of that sounds up your alley.
We also have some cool CDs from Damaged Bug, Bully, and Stranger Cat. A lot of CDs for a wide variety of content, all of which you can dive right into here at the station. As always, we’ll keep you updated.
Stay golden folks.
Westkust** Last Forever Really great noise/power-pop feat. Members of the great Makthaverskan. The songs are super poppy and melodic, but definitely still pack a punch. Alternating male/female vocals nicely complement each other. Try: 1,2,3,4,5 RIYL: Joanna Gruesome Run For Cover
Stranger Cat* In The Wilderness Frontwoman has worked w/ some cool musicians (Sufjan, Shins, Sharon Von Etten). This album is atmospheric and ambient. Cool synth textures and washed out vocals. She has a great voice. Occasionally accented by some cool percussion. Try: 1,2 RIYL: Purity Ring Joyful Noise
Damaged Bug* Cold Hot Plumbs Guy from Thee Oh Sees doing weird electronic stuff. Weird, groovy, electronic, and pretty sad lyrical content. Draws some influence from krautrock acts like Kraftwerk. Pretty cool. Try: 3,4,6,7 RIYL: Kraftwerk Castleface
Ancient Ocean* Blood Moon Very long, ambient, atmospheric instrumental tracks. 4 songs over 41 minutes. Very relaxing and hypnotic, and featuring some cool musicians (Destruction Unit, Woodsman). Not great for radio but great in its own rite. RIYL: Space, Clouds Beyond Records
LA Priest* Inji Cool psychedelic/funk influenced tunes. Vocals sound like Prince. Some weird sporadic bursts of abrasive synth lines. Cool sound textures and some solid grooves. Definitely likes to get weird. Try: 1,2,4,5 Domino Records
mewithoutYou* Pale Horses These dudes have been around for a while and have seen a lot of sylistic changes. This is a bit of a melting pot of all their phases. Some post-rock elements thrown in here and there. Almost sounds like Interpol at times? Highly emotive lyrics and instrumentation. FCC: 3,11 Try: 2,5,7 Run For Cover
Bully* Feels Like Aggressive female fronted garage rock. Packs a lot of punch but also is not afraid to chill out a bit. Great vocals, catchy hooks, and great instrumentation. Makes me want to stage dive. FCC: 1,3,7 Try:5,2,4 RIYL: Sleater Kinney Star Time INTL
Sister Girlfriend* Knock EP Mix of synth-pop w/ some R+B and jazz influence. Very sort of free form grooves + jazz structure. Cool use of different instrumentation. Pretty groovy and funky. Some of the songs have good hoooks, but some fall flat. Try:1,2 FCC:4 Mystic Cave Records
Fist City* Everything Is A Mess Cool noisey rock tunes w/ some post-punk sensibilities. Hectic and energetic. Draws a lot of influence from classic noise rock acts like Sonic Youth. Cool guitar work and heavily effected vocals. Try: 8,7 FCC: 2,3,4,5,12 RIYL: Sonic Youth Transgressive
Hey Mother Death* Highway Pretty cool avant-garde/soundscape type stuff w/ spoken work, over sparse electronic instrumentation. Occasional guitars thrown in. Try: 1,3 Paper Bag
Beck* Dreams New Beck Single. Pretty groovy and funky. It’s good, but seems to be a bit too anthemic leaning. Big chorus. Capitol
The Chemical Brothers* Born in the Echoes “Big beat”/electronica kings. Electronic duo from England. It’s groovy as all heck with huge pounding beats. These dudes still got it after 25 years. Typical builds and drops, but these guys kind of invented it so it’s okay. FCC:2 Try:1,3,4 Astralwerks
White Reaper* White Reaper Does It Again Energetic garage-rock with catchy vox and cool key lines. Some psych rock influence thrown in. It’s fun and has some great hooks. Some 60’s pop influence in melodies. Fuzzed-out instrumentation. Cool guitar solos. Try: 1,2,8,3 FCC:10 polyvinyl
Outfit* Slowness Atmospheric, synthy post-punk that emphasizes mood over song structure. A sadder, weirder, more serious Hot Chip? FCC Clean Try: 3,2,7,8,1 RIYL: Hot Chip, Wild Beasts, Talk Talk Memphis Industries
Walter TV Blessed Weird psychedelic dream pop in the same vein as Animal Collective or Ariel Pink. Warbly vocals that occasionally get drowned out by hectic textures. Very hectic overall. FCC Clean Try: 2,3,6 Sinderlyn
Jeen Tourist Cool female-fronted rock w/ folk songwriting influence but punk energy and sensibility. Trying a little too hard to be anthemic, but overall pretty good. Try: 1,2,4 FCC Clean RIYL: Du Blonde, Torres, Speedy Ortiz Self-Released
Sonny Knight and The Lakers Do It Live Live soul/funk. Groovy, funky, but not all that great sounding. Can defnintiely tell it’s a live record. Production aside, the songs are pretty good and there’s some cool covers. Try:3,16 RIYL: James Brown Secret Stash
Ella Fence Wanderlust Alternative pop with orchestral melodies and powerful vocals. Her songs show many emotions that will draw you in. Musically similar to Lana Del Rey or Elle Kino. Album doesn’t have a truly unique sound, but if you like those artists, you’ll enjoy this. Try:3 Self-Released
n. Lannon Falling Inside Chillwave sounds mixed with folk instrumentation. Essentially it’s an acoustic guitar backed by an 808 machine. Also samples some interesting stuff. Doesn’t quite pull off the mixing sounds. Try: 2,5 Badman
Youth Worship LP1 Heavy 90’s alt-rock influence. Vocals are kinda rough, and the instrumentation is pretty derivative. That being said, it isn’t offensively bad, just overall unoriginal. FCC: 5,6,8,9 Try: 1,3 RIYL: Dinosaur Jr. Self Harm Records
Metric The Shade EP Pretty straight forward female fronted electro-pop. Some good hooks, but overall pretty unremarkable. Bleh. RIYL: Purity Ring, Chvrches Fat Possum
Renny Wilson Punk Explosion/Extension Punk/garage-rock. It’s okay, but overall is pretty lackluster. Try: 1,7 FCC: 2,3,4,5 Mint
Soldier’s Heart Soldier’s Heart EP Dreamy, female-fronted synth pop. She has a good voice, but it seems to be lacking something to make it unique. Try: 1,2 RIYL: Chvrches Self-Released
Love Amongst Ruin Lose Your Way Essentially just The National mixed with Coldplay. Gross Ancient B
Good Old War Broken Into Better Shape Folk-rock made for pop radio. Pounding bass with lots of “hexs” and “woahs”. Also pretty odd production w/ bass drops and swells. Boring. Nettwerk
Jeremy and the Harlequins American Dreamer Rockabilly/50s style rock with modern production. Does not mix well, sounds very inauthentic. Bluesy, chuggy, but overall pretty uninteresting. Try: 1,4 FCC: 2 RIYL: The Cramps (but much worse) Harlequins
Heat rooms Beery, anthemic, indie-rock with a vocalist who does a bad Lou Reed/Julian Casablancas/Bob Dylan/Tom Petty imitation. Tons of FCC violations. RIYL: The Strokes, The Hold Steady Kitsune
Talkie Talkie EP Mostly aggressive rock that sticks with you, a lot of hooks. 4 is a nice sad change of pace. Milk Carton
Bomba Estereo Amanecer Elements of dub, reggae, and dancehall mixed with some latin flavor. Sung all in Spanish. Hooks are great, pulsing beats. Big anthemic sound. Try: 1,3 FCC Clean Sony Music Latin
Scotdrakula Scotdrakula Jangly garage rock. Very woopy vocals. For whatever reason the levels are really low on this CD. It’s fun and energetic, but nothing super new. FCC:1,2,4,7,8,9 RIYL: Twin Peaks, White Reaper Self-Released
Twin Within Horizontal Lines Gentle, folksy indie-pop. Lots of acoustic guitars and floating melodies. Draws influence from Beach Boys and Simon and Garfunkel. Try: 1,3 Hidden Pony
Blackheart Honeymoon Mountains Speak The packaging on this CD is so wack. It’s a CD, not an old vinyl record. Acoustic guitar indie-folk w/some americana vibes. It’s not bad, but not too exciting or interesting. Try: 1,2 FCC Clean Self-Released
Gossamer Automation Cool jazz-influenced electronic stuff. Very ambient and atmospheric with cool field/sound recordings over groovy, mellow beats. RIYL: Flylo, BBNG Try:2,1,6 Innovative Leisure
The New Division Gemini Very ethereal and eerie. A whole lot of new wave vibes on here, but also some house influence. Some more guitar-based tracks that sound like the Cure’s poppier moments. Try:2,5,6 RIYL: The Cure, Tears 4 Fears Division 87
Fictionist Fictionist Some art-rock weirdness mixed with pretty straight forward synth-pop sensibilities. Some cool instrumentation throughout. Try: 1,2,3,8 FCC Clean RIYL: Phoenix, Spoon S/R


Photo by A Guy Taking Pictures