For every bad album we get sent to the station, we get a whole bunch of good records that are more than worth the attention from your ears. From glitchy electronic jammers to grooved up indie rock to pro-wrestling folk anthems; these are some of the best, newest arrivals that made our music staff fly to the moon and back.

Ava Luna – Infinite House

Have you ever had a hankering for a noodly, obtuse, jazzy, soulful, groovy indie rock record that is just so totally endearing that you are obliged to smile during the whole thing? Here’s your answer: Ava Luna. Their sound is just so interesting. One song there could be a “traditional instrumental indie rock” formula, but ripe with smooth group vocals sliding in and out of cracks between instruments, an insane drum rhythm, or breakneck time/key changes. There’s just so much about this album to digest and all of it is entertaining. Give this band a chance to teach you something about life.


The Mountain Goats – Beat The Champ

The latest record from John Darnielle’s beloved folk-rock project The Mountain Goats focuses on Darnielle’s childhood watching professional wrestling on television and how it ignited his imagination as a child in a working class family. The lyrics are as sharp as ever on this release and the central theme behind the tracks tie each song together really well.


Moon King – Secret Life

The influx of spacey, psychedelic blends of indie rock and subtle electronica is all too common these days in the college radio realm, but it’s always nice when a band comes out with the catchy tunes as well. This record has a huge sound, with sweeping choruses and booming instrumentals that don’t exude an air of hubris, but more of just a giant mind of imagination. This one’s for the psych indie rock lovers.


Lapalux – Lustmore

Flying Lotus-affiliated//Brainfeeder labelite Lapalux has returned with his sophomore record, which contains the sound of what one would expect from the Brainfeeder label at this point: woozy, glitchy, slightly jazz influenced electronic tunes with some mainstream grip to them, due to some heavy bass peppered in for good measure. Overall, it’s a satisfying album for any alternative electronic fan to enjoy.


Young Fathers – White Men Are Black Men Too

Scottish Mercury prizewinners Young Fathers have previously been known for their alternative hip-hop style, blending elements of pop and RnB into their music with some unorthodox, organic sampling and lo-fi production. However, they’ve seemed to ditch all aspects of their hip-hop sound in favor of a pop and soul orientation, along with some noisier production and blurrier lyrical delivery. Overall, it’s a really unique sounding pop/RnB album from some incredible inventive songwriters.