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By Charlie Smart

UConn’s chapter of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, or PIKE, was informed last Friday of sanctions proposed against the organization by the University of Connecticut, including immediate loss of recognition by the University.

According to University Spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz, the sanctions against PIKE stem from alleged violations of University rules while the organization was on probation from a separate event that occurred in November. A letter sent from the university to members of the fraternity says that PIKE was found in violation of Part III B, Sections 5-7 of the Student Code which deals with endangering behavior, hazing, and serving alcohol to those under 21. The fraternity was found to have held two parties during their probation at which alcohol was “present and obtainable” by others.

The letter to PIKE went on to discuss the culture of the fraternity, particularly with regard to the conflict that occurred between PIKE and sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha last November in which members of PIKE allegedly used racially charged insults against members of the historically black sorority. The letter says that, “there were no mitigating steps taken by the members of Pi Kappa Alpha to meaningfully prevent such deleterious behavior or address the aforementioned, unhealthy aspects of the organization’s culture.”

The incident with Alpha Kappa Alpha is still under investigation.

Spokeswoman Reitz explained that the University upholds a clear and strict zero tolerance policy in regards to endangering others and that, “UConn will not accept endangering behavior or flouting of the rules by anyone, under any circumstances.”

PIKE has until Friday, March 20th to appeal the sanctions.

PIKE President Brent Young says that the fraternity does plan to appeal and says that, “the allegations and false accusations made against the organization in no way, shape, or from reflect the culture, beliefs, or values of Pi Kappa Alpha”

If the appeal is unsuccessful, the fraternity will immediately lose its university recognition until May 5th, 2019.

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