For every bad album we get sent to the station, we get a whole bunch of good records that are more than worth the attention from your ears. From Riot Grrl revival rock to blissful party pop anthems, here are some the best new arrivals that really made our music staff go bonkers this week.


  1. S – Cool Choices S_LP1

The motto of Jenn Ghetto’s newest solo project is “getting a dog will never save a doomed relationship, and other lessons hidden in Cool Choices.” The album comprised of 12 heartbroken ballads, each song a uniquely simple arrangement of whispered vocals with either piano or guitar. Aimed towards fans of Karen O, Sharon Van Etten & Waxahatchee.


  1. Ex Hex – Rips exhex

Riot Grrl legend Mary Timony, of Helium & Wild Flag fame, is back with a badass new rock project with Ex Hex, a bare bones rock n roll outfit aimed to bring the sassy sounds of early rock back to the modern scene. The songs here are simple, chugging bursts of female power. Listen to this if you just can’t take it anymore!


  1. History Of Apple Pie – Feel Something historyapplepiesomethinglp

London group History Of Apple Pie might have a silly name, but their sound is anything but. Taking cues from sonic heroes like Cocteau Twins, Blur & Pixies, these young rockers craft an album that weaves together elements of shoegaze, dream pop, surf rock & more into a fluffy, fuzzed out cotton candy package. One of our DJs compared it to a Monet print hanging in the art building: the influences and final project goal are clear & similar, but it feels nice to have it around.

  1. Foxygen – …And Star Power jag252.11298

The 24-song, 2-disc odyssey of a sophomore album by Foxygen is definitely something for the ages. There are definitely moments of indulgence on this behemoth, but ridiculously good singles like “How Can You Really” outshines those darker spots by acting like slices of essential 70s psych rock gold.


  1. Terror Pigeon! – Live It Up Before You Die It Up! terror-pigeon-live-it-up-before

With song names like “Scarves Are Just Blankets For Snakes” & “BYOYOLO,” it would be easy to write this album off as an unserious piece of trash. In actuality, it’s a fun, no-brakes record of synth-touched pop punk about celebrating life and love. If you’re looking for the aural equivalent to partying with all your friends into eternity, this is pretty darn close.

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