We’re a tad excited to announce that WHUS will be hosting around 2 musician/bands a week this semester as a part of our new in-studio performance initiative. Video/audio footage taken during the sessions will be posted shortly after each performance. The following artists will appear at WHUS this spring (more to be announced):

February 7 at 3pm: Little Ugly

February 14 at 3pm: Funky Dawgz Brass Band

February 17 at 3pm: Sea Wolf

February 21 at 3pm: The Rebels (Isaiah Writer & Roddy Legend)

February 24 at 3pm: Hanging Hills 

February 28 at 3pm: Folk Ya’ll

March 3 at 3pm: Wess Meets West

March 4 at 3pm: Rathborne 

March 7 at 3pm: Violent Mae

March 14 at 3pm: University of Connecticut Jazz Showcase

March 17 at 3pm: Breakthrough Frequencies

March 21 at 3pm: Slander — CANCELLED.

March 24 at 3pm: Ladyhips

April 7 at 3pm: Daphne Lee Martin

April 11 at 3pm: Future Punx

April 16 at 3pm: The Mowglis – POSTPONED UNTIL 4/19 AT 12PM

April 18 at 3pm: Strange

April 21 at 3pm: Weed

April 25 at 3pm: Ava Marie




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