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Radio Naturopath
Radio Naturopath Episode 431: Help for the Lyme-Bartonella Herx, Aging Gracefully, Ageism

This week, I talked about the slug through healing a long term illness and how frustrating it can be. Are my symptoms part of the healing process? Or are they evidence that I’m not doing enough? Should  I be doing something else? Should I justg be patient? So hard to know! I talked about the concern with adding antibiotics to a long term tick borne illness protoocol.

We continued with our series on healthy aging, talked about more things that are helpful such as staying active, drinking water, getting proper rest, having a positive attitude. We also discussed the problem with ageism, how there is an excess of it in the United States but not so much in other countries, like Japan, where they have terrific longevity. The most important thing is to have a positive outlook on aging!