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Bicycle Talk Episode 397

Bicycle Talk. Episode 397 May 22nd 2024.   Ron’s Rant:  Ciao, Alla Prossima, 2024 Giro d Italia Not really a rant, just a for farewell. Withdrawal time, the Giro is over. , On a positive side:  May is still Bike Month!  And June is Heart month!   The Giro is Over:   From yesterday’s Bicycle Talk Facebook page teaser:   VI  9:56  Bicycles on Main Wethersfield!  You’ve got to see this if you are local. Worth the trip.  It’s Best Buddies weekend coming up! 

Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Ron talks about climbing hills with some of his tips and more.   Content:  From yesterday’s Bicycle Talk Facebook page teaser:   VI  9:56 .  Best Buddies weekend approaches. All you need to know to still sign up. Ron reflects his last year’s experience. And of course the Giro. What a year, what a race. A shining star gets brighter and two older stars have moments of their own.   Events and Finishing Points.