Fairfield Way Packed with over 500 Clubs for Fall 2018 Involvement Fair

By Adam Hushin

The UConn Involvement Fair, which takes place once a semester, took place yesterday, September 5, from 2-7 p.m. on Fairfield Way. Over 500 clubs and organizations set up posters, flyers, treats or other items to attract interested students looking for fun activities to participate in while in college. These clubs and organizations ranged from academic clubs, sports, political/social activism and much more.

Fairfield Way was packed before the fair even started with students setting up early to get a head start with attracting potential new members. When foot traffic picked up, the fair was off and running. It slowly faded out as groups began wrapping up just before the fair ended at 7 p.m.

If you missed an organization you are interested in at the fair, or missed the fair altogether, you can find all the clubs and organizations information here: UConntact.

All photos by Adam Hushin. Be sure to click on the images in the gallery above to view them in the best quality.