Hey all! I’m Aislinn, the Assistant Music Director here at WHUS. This week, we have some great new Studio A Adds I think everyone should get pretty excited about. For me, the most exciting is the new Beck album – Morning Phase. It’s a little reminiscent of Sea Change and it’s also the first studio album Beck has released since 2008.  Looking for something different? There’s also Tinariwen – Emmaar. They speak Taureg and are Grammy award winning. Don’t care about awards? I understand, but their music is good and the band itself has a very unique history. Check it out. We also have some other great albums reviewed this week. They’re all below.


New Added Releases:

** = Push

* = Recommend

Beck** Morning Phase Melancholy, country & folk inspired indie rock a la musical genius Bec. Brilliant songwriting & immaculate production. Much like Beck’s Sea Change or Mutations. Aching acoustic and lovely. RIYL: Neil Young, Beck. FCC CLEAN. MD Recommends #2,4,5,7,9,10,12,13 Capitol Records
Tinariwen** Emmaar Really cool rock in roll from Northern Mali. Hypnotizing and naturally psychedelic guitar riffs, lyrics sang in Taureg, language of their people. RIYL: Bombino MD Recommends! Try #1,2,5 Anti – Records
Actress* Ghettoville Thick, intriguing and almost like a dream. Electronic music. Try #4,13 Werkdiscs
Headshy* La Belle Epoque Well crafted collection of three distinct Eps 1) mellow, somber soft rock 2) more effects on guitars & prominent bass 3) full on moody psych rock Medicina
Hospitality* Trouble Creative indie pop album. Swervy melodies, romantic lyrics and easy to listen to. Reminds me of Camera Obscura & Belle and Sebastian. Try #1,3,7 Merge Records
Hurray for the Riff Raff* Small Town Heroes Easy listening, great female vocals with folk that isn’t all the repetitive same old, same old. Pretty catchy. Try #1,6,10. FCC Clean. ATO Records
New Madrid* Sunswimmer Kind of like a folk-rock odyssey. Some songs heavier than others (#2,3,6) others more lowkey hymns. Parts like Radiohead, due to long song length. Very enjoyable. Play #1,3,4,& 5 Normaltown Records
Sacco* Sacco Country-touched psychedelic garage rock. Has Tame Impala energy in the instrumentals, but kind of poppy/RnB vox. An interesting album full of satisfying songs. RIYL: Toro Y Moi, Tame Impala Try #4,2,7,8 FCC Clean Sensibility Recordings
Adventure Galley Anywhere that’s Wild Synth pop/rock with huge sound but not much depth. Pretty simple synth lines and 80’s vox. FCC Warning #4,10 Self-released
Against Me! Transgender Dysphoria Blues Alt/punk rock with politically charged commentary in the lyrics with the punchy instrumentation. For those who love poppy alt rock that also feels hard and political. Total Treble Music
Atomic Bride Electric Order This EP lacks depth. Songs are flat and predictable and vox are weak with lack-luster instrumentation. Self-released
Be Forest Earthbeat Dreamy post-punkwith subtle electronic undertones. Light, airy female vox and a bit of an emphasis on intricate percussion. #2,5,7 WWNBB Collective
Book-Burners People’s Songs Grunge mixed with alternative. Try #2,3,9 Latest Flame Records
ceo Wonderland Synth pop from Sweden – very catchy. Losts of kids and baby samples. Combo of rave-like tracks with lots of things going on. Pretty strange. RIYL: Touch Alliance Modular
Cibo Matto Hotel Valentine Interesting experimental sound. Not for everyone, drum heavy with female vox. BMI
Daniel Amedee Climbing Light and airy rock with some emotional string and horn sections. Try #4,5 Self-released
Golondrina Dom La Nena Tiny, lowkey singer songwriter with lyrics in English, Spanish, & French. Purely whispered vox & pizziato cello. Six Degrees Records
Holy Wave Relax Psych garage rock with drowned vox and chugging instrumentals. Very mellow for the most part, tons of textures. The Reverberation Appreciation Society
Insurgents Work Drugs Electro indie pop. Mixes different elements of electronic music. RIYL: Phoenix, Chromatics, Neon Indian Try #3,6,7 Bobby Cahn Records
Jillian Rae Heartbeat Pop with rock and country touches. Strong female vox with simple, audible lyrics. Most songs are fun Americana with cutesy town fair appeal. Try #4 Iron Bull Records
Jupe Jupe Crooked Kisses Rock taking after the 00s rock that most people forget. Think The Killers with more synths. Self-released
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang Four Foot Shack The reigning prince of musical weirdness with some bass slapping, country guitar twanging and visual rambling lyrics. Think ignorant Moonshiner country and absolute bass skills. ATO Records
Linnea Olsson Ah! Cello-based singer songwriter that manipulates her instrument a voice like synth. Pretty cool synth. RIYL: Joanna Newsom, Hundred Waters, & Regina Spektor Gotterfunk Productions
Mark McGuire Along the Way Ambient-ish acoustic and electronic from the lead dude from Emeralds. Droning pieces of swirling guitar and synth slowly bloom into full movements. RIYL: Emeralds, Julianna Barwick Dead Oceans
Mas Ysa Worth EP RnB and huge synths. Dude has opened for everyone from RZA to Deerhunter – dramatic synth pop with breathy, exasperated vox. Mooody but exciting.Try #6,2 Downtown Records
Nathon Roberts and the New Birds Nathan Roberts and the New Birds Nothing too new, poppy and alternative. Delicate vox. RCC #2,5,6 RC Wire Media
Nina Persson Animal Heart A different sound than what she did with the Cardigans. This album has more of an indie rock vibe. Try #2 The End
Ryan D. White Something Brilliant is About to Happen Heavily produced pop rock. All tracks are uplifting and heavy on hooks. Some good harmonies. Self-released
Sibille Attar Sleepyhead Indie pop rock voiced by a strong Bjork-esque lead. Groovy, sugary and at times grandoise. Strong first half but trails off towards end. Try #2,4 Self-released
St. Paul & the Broken Bones Half the City A celebratoin of spirit & music. Soulful, monstrous singing – set with brass band and retro keys player. Single Lock Records
Temples Sun Structures Psych pop very conflicting b/c its such a loveable genre, but simple and pretty normal. Fat Possum Records
The Autumn Defense Fifth Beatles-like//Wilco-like with calm, vanilla songs that are accessible – acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies. Yep Roc
The Casket Girls True Love Kills the Fairy Tale Ryan Graveface from Black Moth Super Rainbow and two sister singers = slightly eskew synth pop that’s super catchy. Very whimsical and dreamy. RIYL: BMSR MD Recommends #2,16,8,10 Graveface Records
The Dawn Choir Creatures of Habit Rugged vox. Indie rock with acoustic guitars. Nice folky tunes. Slightly underwhelming lyrics. RIYL: Head and the Heart Try #1,3,7 Paper Scissors Rock Music
The Farewell Drifters Tomorrow Forecer Folk-coutry pop with hearty slightly twangy vox backed with familiar harmonies. Try #3,4 Compass Records
The Royal Oui The Royal Oui Cutrsey folk coutnry acousitc music for a rainy day. Like if She &Him were actually in a relationship and Zooey toned it down. Self-released
together PANGEA Badillac Absolutely shred-city rock n roll that’s super fun and hard-hitting. 90’s rock influences abound, plus country rock touches. RIYL: Diarhhea Planet, King Tuff MD Recommends #3,6,1,7,2 Harvest Records
Warpaint Warpaint Relaxed atmosphere. Chill vibes, likeable sounds. Rec #2,7,11 Rough Trade
Water Liars Water Liars A more rock-headed Band of Horses or more country My Morning Jacket. Vox with southern accents, big guitar sound, lots of emotion. Fat Possum Records
Woodsman Woodsman Somewhat trippy instrumentals guitar. Kind of ambient, kind of shoegazy. Mostly boring. Fire Talk
Young Fathers Dead Experimental hip hop with singing elements whipped in. Great vocal harmonies, RnB beats, African influenced instrumentation. anticon.

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