The WHUS Training Program is your path to involvement at WHUS.  If you’re interested in DJing and producing your very own music or talk show, broadcasting UConn sports, joining the WHUS News Department, mastering audio production or anything in between, this is where you start.

The radio station has countless ways to get involved, whether you shine in the spotlight, or prefer behind the scenes work. With a fully equipped on-air studio, several production studios, an extensive music archive, and remote broadcast capabilities, make use of what we have to offer!

To become broadcast certified, apply for the WHUS Broadcast Training Program (link below), available to all UConn students, faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding communities.

We are currently accepting applications for the Spring and Summer 2016 broadcast sessions of the training program! Fill it out, and we’ll contact you about the next available training opportunity.

Music DJs and talk show producer/hosts must pass broadcast training before being accepted into their respective department.

The news and sports departments accept and integrate members immediately. To join the news department, email Charlie, To join the sports department, email Jeff,

What is the Broadcast Training Program?

3 Weeks of Session per Week – Information will include General WHUS Radio Information, FCC Compliance, and WHUS Policy.

1 exam on what you learned in the sessions.

1 air-check recorded on WHUS2

1-3 sessions in whatever area of WHUS you love most! Here you will get specific training in your department of choice. Feel free to do more than one.

What can I get certified as?

Music DJ

Music DJs broadcast an eclectic mix of music on WHUS-FM and WHUS2, having access to over 150,000 songs in the WHUS Digital Music Library as well as over 60,000 CDs and vinyl in the WHUS Music Library. DJs can also be trained to mix on turntables, mix decks and virtual interfaces.


Sportscasters provide professional-grade play-by-play coverage of UConn athletics. The sports department travels across the country to cover UConn football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey teams.


WHUS News is an independent source of national, local, and campus news. Aspiring journalists and media producers can work with artistic freedom and countless resources.

Public Affairs/Talk Host 

WHUS public affairs programming provides an alternative antidote to the mainstream commercial news-media. These shows cover a wide variety topics, including the rights of women, gays and lesbians, and people of color; protection of public health and the natural environment; critical media analysis; and the battle for democracy, locally and nationally. Public affairs and talk show hosts can have 30-60 minutes a week of broadcast time during the WHUS-FM public affairs block (weekdays 10am-1pm) and podcast their work online.

Audio Producer

WHUS producers work with state-of-the-art broadcast equipment, software, and recording studio technology. Students are first certified in basic audio production, which grants them access to the WHUS Production studios, and then can take the several-week recording/mixing/mastering training session focused on mixing and recording live artists.

Apply now

The WHUS training program is open to all. Be aware that we give preference to UConn Storrs undergrads when selecting candidates for admission and  often receive more applications than we can accommodate. For more information about the training program contact Jason McMullan at or Alyssa Hughes at

Don’t want be on the radio? Still want to be involved at WHUS?

It’s 100% possible. Here’s the place to get started. Here are a few behind-the-scenes committees that might need your help!

Marketing Committee:  decide how the station brands itself via advertising, design, and promotional items! Contact: Roger,

Concerts Committee: have a part in deciding on and bringing bands and artists to campus! Contact: Scott,

Street Team: promote the station across campus with giveaways, contents, and loud music.  Contact: Chris,

New Music Committee: review and discuss new CDs! Contact: Dan,

Studio Sessions Team: assist in behind-the-scenes work for the live, in-studio performances WHUS hosts. Contact: Brian,

Blogging Team: Blog for the station’s website! Contact: Kailey,