By Adam Hushin


The UConn Journalism Society is now an active organization on campus, and holds open meetings every week.


There are hundreds of different clubs and organizations at UConn, and more are added every semester. The UConn Journalism Society is one of the groups that is just making its start.


The UConn Journalism Society became active last semester, and has begun adding new members and carrying out activities this fall.


The UConn Journalism Society is open to all majors, and is a prime club for anyone relatively interested in the field of Journalism. This includes broadcast, print, production, photography, editing, writing, and much more.


Junior Journalism major Tama Moni was part of a small group of students that spearheaded the establishment of this organization on campus, and now acts as President of the organization.


“I wanted to create something where it goes beyond what students learn in the classroom about journalism, what students may know from media about journalism,” Moni said. “[Members] Take their interests and passions through journalism and go into different career sets.”


On the schedule for this semester are guest speakers, day trips to journalism-centered events, various workshops, and weekly meetings.


Students from all different backgrounds, class standing, and fields of study expressed interest in the organization.


“Hopefully it’ll help me get a job in the future, or an internship,” Junior student Ryan Kim said.


The UConn Journalism Society holds meetings on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in ITE 127.

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