By Mairead Loschi

The voters WHUS News spoke to outside the Mansfield Community Center Tuesday were a mix of town residents and UConn students, all of whom were excited to cast their vote.

“I just think it’s everybody’s responsibility to vote,” one voter said. Another voter said she recently received a card saying her attendance record was 100 percent.

When WHUS News asked students what issues they found important, there was a range of responses. One student said healthcare and another mentioned student loans.

Local residents seemed divided on the issue of the Four Corners Sanitary Sewer Project.

“I don’t think enough market research has been done on the expansion,” said one resident.

Although enthusiastic about voting, some voters expressed their negative feelings towards the partisan political system. Ryan, a UConn senior, voted for a write-in candidate because he didn’t think either candidate appealed to what he wanted to see done.

Another voter split his ticket. He said: “I’m anti-Democrat, I’m anti-Republican. We need a third party.”

All the voters we spoke with were happy to be voting alongside their community members.

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