By Annie Riley

A 17-year-old Tolland student, Sarah Nuccio, is doing everything she can to help a six-year-old girl fight cancer.

“What we’re doing…I mean when I met Demi…she’s such a sweet and strong and optimistic kid. She was the nicest little kid I think I ever met in my entire life,” Nuccio said.

Demi was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer this summer. Although Nuccio did not know Demi personally before hearing about the six-year-old’s diagnosis, Nuccio knew she had to take action.

“[I] created a fundraising page on and it’s collected about $2,000 dollars.”

But Sarah Nuccio won’t stop there.

“Right now my goal is around $3,000 and anything that can exceed that goal is really…it’s really appreciated towards myself, anyone that’s supporting it and the family is supporting it so much.”

When other community members heard about Demi’s determination to fight cancer, many created fundraisers to join Nuccio in raising more money for Demi’s family to pay for medical expenses. A fundraiser at Nuccio’s school helped to raise about $200 for the cause.

“Everything’s kind of coming together and hopefully we get to the goal of those $3,000,” Nuccio said.

Nuccio says she thinks the community’s efforts mean a lot to Demi’s family.

“They appreciate it more than they can explain into words and I’m so proud of everything for that family…they’re a very strong family.”

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