d'Archive Episode 14: New Haven Railroad

The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad (New Haven Railroad) was the predominant railroad system in southern New England for almost 100 years.  Today’s episode illustrates the storied history of boom and bust for this mainstay industry of the 19th and 20th centuries.  On this episode, Graham is joined by colleague Laura Smith, Archivist of the Business & Railroad Collections, and Paul Beck, Film and Video Producer of the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association (NHRHTA), for an engaging discussion.  Highlighting this conversation on the railroad are sound clips ranging from archival footage, documentary film, and committee hearings assembled by the NHRHTA and housed at the UConn Archives & Special Collections.

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New Haven Railroad ad

Special Passenger Trains, Part One (DVD111)

A Great Railroad at Work (1942) (DVD109)

Railroads…the End of the Line? (DVD114)

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New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Collections:

Company Records

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Graham is an Archivist overseeing the Human Rights and Alternative Press Collections at the UConn Library, Archives & Special Collections. His work focuses on the archivist as activist and expanding access to archives for a diverse audience.

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