WHUS Local Vibes Music Showcase!

As part of UConn’s Spring Weekend 2014 festivities, WHUS threw a Friday night concert on Fairfield Way, and invited a bunch of local Connecticut bands to perform there! It was a pretty exclusive concert, seeing as the campus was essentially on lockdown for safety concerns, but all the bands performed fantastic sets and those who attended had a great time–and got free food!

We saw a few familiar faces, including Poor Old Shine, Hanging Hills, and Violent Mae, but there were also a few bands we’d never had in the studio before. We managed to snag some footage of their performances, and are now happy to share it with you.

So kick back and enjoy some Local Vibes!


Echo and Drake rocks the house!


Hubbell Mountain entrances the crowds!


Dr. Martino brings the Thunder!

Zach Weinberg
local vibes for web